Euroworkspace recognises that we live in a world where storage may not necessarily be the most glamorous of products, but certainly is a necessity for todays busy organisations. Their objective is to make the product more desirable by making the storage solution more technology driven and aesthetically pleasing.


Euroworkspace maintain an outsourced marketing relationship with us, and recently ventured on a new brand identity that needed to be mirrored through their website. Working with a colour coded concept, we worked closely with Euroworkspace and their new brand guidelines to ensure the website was built to reflect this. Using blocks of colour and strong imagery, their online catalogue serves as a base for potential customers to explore their ranges and enhances users association of colour to each range.

The website menu was stripped back and allows the product ranges to make up the main body of the website, the brands iconic swirl and use of squares is referred to throughout and users are encourgaged to explore.



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Euroworkspace Mobile

we are so proud to have a website that looks so ‘us’, it genetics have really captured everything we wanted! we are certainly looking forward to using it, it's a great shopfront to our business. you are stars (and clever, creative ones at that)!

adrian cowley managing director

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