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What We Do

Website design that'll knock your socks off

There are “web developers” and then there’s us. If you’re seeking a web design company that showcases everything that is great about your business. Incorporating everything from amazing Graphic Design to including branding and Social Media integration then you need to be looking for a full service digital marketing agency.

An agency who are passionate not just about the way a website looks, but an award winning calibre web design team who care about how your website performs. We care about everything from the calls to action, the user experience and every landing page your visitor enters.

We’ve been working in b2b marketing for a long time creating bespoke websites for twenty years and we know what we’re talking about when we create an on brand design that blows our clients away.

Not all web developers are the same and not all good web designers are London based! Check out our projects to see what we've been up to recently. We've got packages at different levels to suit different budgets and needs.

How we do it

Bespoke Solutions

Being a cambridge web design and digital agency - and also having offices in Newmarket - just outside the city, we’ve worked with some amazing companies - bringing them effective websites that get visitors doing what they want them to.

Our design and development packages have been developed for everyone from a small business using WordPress professional websites all the way to a full turnkey service including things like search engine optimisation, bespoke design and copywriting. We pretty much have all bases covered.

how does your business use its website?

Most businesses use their website as a glorified brochure, but a web site can be so much more.
Our pricing


We offer a completely bespoke website development service, as well as produce Wordpress sites for those who are looking for their first proper website for their business. Prices start from only £600 - which means to work with us is within most business' reach.

There's some examples of our costings in the below pricing table, but please get in touch for custom quotations tailored to your project needs.

To assess which below option would be best suited to you, try using our website configurator on the link below:
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Let's talk

Creating your online presence

If you’ve got a particular design or idea, we can arrange a meeting with our designer who can listen to what you’re seeking to achieve. We’re a strategy first offer - who wants to understand your business - as that’s the key to getting what you want. Once we understand what you’d like the site to look like and how it should perform, we set about creating a web presence that’s going to fit like a glove.

It doesn't matter if it's an online store for your online business or a place to showcase your products and services. We can bring it to life. So how do you want to proceed? Are you looking for mundane or edgy? Are you looking to be part of the crowd or stand out? Whatever you choose - talk to Flok first. We have the answers to your web design questions.

If you’ve got an idea that you need bringing to life - fill in our contact form and let's start talking. We’d be only too glad to help.