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Is it time to revive your brand?

If your business feels it’s falling short online. Maybe your website isn’t showing up in the search engines, perhaps you’ve been thinking about a Digital Marketing campaign but haven’t got the digital marketing strategy to match it. If you’ve been staring at a website that has never made your phone ring once and believe that a customer journey involves them driving to your office. You’ve got to us just in time. We can show you that with the right strategy, we can get you out across digital channels, increase your brand awareness and promote and help to sell your products and services and show you that marketing works.

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meet the faces behind flok

Paul Hogden

Studio Director
Why we're different

Always putting strategy first

We are a strategy first digital marketing agency - who have specialism in marketing and strategy, graphic design to make your ideas pop out form the page, we’re your Web Designer and developer and we’re your content marketer and social media marketer. And if you don’t know what that is - hold on! You’re in for quite a ride.

If you are frustrated by your visibility and you’re seeking anything from an email marketing campaign and marketing automation to maximising your social network - then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

How we can help

Flexible packages for everyone

You can find solutions that suit most budgets. Some packages don’t have all of the whistles and bells, but they’ll certainly be pointing you in the right direction. They’ll get you a solution that can be seen on everything from a large screen to mobile devices. There are all sorts of online marketing packages to choose from too, all have been designed to help get you more visibility - and in time get your phone ringing - like search engine optimisation SEO packages. So where do you want to start your digital media journey?

Where it began

Bridging the creative gap

In the corporate world I had come into contact with a lot of web design companies. They seemed to fall into two categories: The first was a sales first approach. You know the type the ones that said yes to everything and knew very little about design or user journey. They were primarily a sales business - with no passion for the product.

The next, and this was all the more dangerous was the web site developer led business. Now they knew a lot about developing websites, but bordering on seemingly having a personality disorder that required them never to talk to people and develop what, in their mind, (which was a dark place), was a good website meant you had a site that functionally worked well - but was the marketers equivalent to boiled rice on a plate.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find a web designer, graphic designer or digital marketer that could bridge the gap between salesy and techy. Which is why Flok was born.