Why Wait?

Super Websites - Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

At our core, we are a passionate team of creatives, tech enthusiasts, and dreamers, united by a common purpose: to help small and startup businesses flourish online without the tech hurdles. As a web design agency – created in 2011, we recognise the unique challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs and small business owners. Whether it’s the race against time or the desire to focus on your craft rather than mastering a new skill, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise lies in curating tailored, stunning websites that embody the essence of your brand without causing you any tech-induced headaches.

Why learn a skill you'll never need again?

Swift and Smart Solutions

Why wait weeks or even months for a website when you can have one in under a week? With Flok, speed meets quality. Our agile design process coupled with the state-of-the-art AI-generated content ensures you receive a web design that’s not only quick to market but also resonates with your audience.

your 5 step process to a new website

The Groundwork

A great website starts with a memorable domain name. Pick from any available domain name and we will secure it on your behalf. Ready to use with your new website.

We’ll send you a link to upload any images or content – plus fill in your business information. This speeds the whole process up – plus it gives us an idea as to what we will need to complete the website.

Choose The Style

From the template we use to base your website on, right through to the colour scheme and fonts. We will work through a process to identify the right style for your website.


To get the best from your website, you’ll need a sitemap that caters for every type of page and post you’ll need. The larger the site, the more thought needs to go into what will be needed to ensure you can add more content to maximise the effectiveness of the website.

The Build

During our consultation, we will go through each of the different pages, ensuring we have all the information we need and adding images and content as we go. By the time the consultation phase ends, you will have an almost complete website. We will then finalise the website build offline, make any changes you may have and check that the site works with mobile devices.

Going Live

As the name suggests, this is the final part of the process. Your website gets set live. For any site with support over £40, we will set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console for you. For the smaller sites, there is an analytics module already installed to allow you to see what traffic some to your website.

How BOTS Have Changed The Face of Web Design

The Power of AI

We’re proud pioneers in harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence for web design. With AI-generated content, we eliminate the time-consuming processes of content curation and design tweaks. This not only accelerates the design process but also ensures a touch of uniqueness and innovation in every project.

Where it began

Bridging the creative gap

In the corporate world I had come into contact with a lot of web design companies. They seemed to fall into two categories: The first was a sales first approach. You know the type the ones that said yes to everything and knew very little about design or user journey. They were primarily a sales business – with no passion for the product.

The next, and this was all the more dangerous was the web site developer led business. Now they knew a lot about developing websites, but bordering on seemingly having a personality disorder that required them never to talk to people and develop what, in their mind, (which was a dark place), was a good website meant you had a site that functionally worked well – but was the marketers equivalent to boiled rice on a plate.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find a web designer, graphic designer or digital marketer that could bridge the gap between salesy and techy. Which is why Flok was born.