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The London web design agency who gets you more

If you’re seeking web design Newmarket based Flok are here to help your business get more from your website.

Interested in a new website for your business? We help London businesses understand the importance of a great looking website and how it can benefit your business. Most importantly, we work closely with our clients to turn their ideas into reality.

There’s plenty of different companies to choose from when it comes to Web Development. What makes Flok different is we specialise in web design – it’s the basis of our company. We have worked with various different businesses in multiple industries to create a website that works for them. Whether they’re looking for a place to display products or just somewhere to give some more information, we work to create a site perfect for them. Aside from our designers and developers wealth of knowledge, we also pride ourselves on the commitment that we give to customers – we aim to create a website that will get you return on investment.

There’s a lot to think about when building your website. You may want to include a blog, portfolio page or a beautifully animated page that blows clients away. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we work closely with you to ensure the end result is perfect – using our Graphic Design skills as well as our knowledge.

We cover a wide area – working from our main office serving businesses in Newmarket (about 12 miles from Bury St Edmunds). We offer a wide range of solutions at various pricing levels. What you get will depend on the level of service you decide to choose from. If you’re looking for hosting domains – we can help with that too. As we have our own dedicated web server in the cloud.

All of Our Mobile Friendly Websites have an upgrade path to the next level. We seek a long term relationship with our clients. So whether you’re seeking social media, SEO, digital design or web design, Suffolk based Flok are here to serve you. If you are seeking website design London, a call to us is highly recommended to have a chat about what you are looking to achieve.

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How We Do It

Web Design London - What Our Process Is

  1. We Learn about your business. That comes from a deep-dive meeting where we strive to understand all there is to know about your approach to the way your business runs. It's also important for us to find out about what you like and don't like. Things you've seen that appeal to you and things that you don't. It's not just about web design London UK businesses have different expectations to other places around the world.
  2. Afterwards, we work out the best approach, by developing a site map and look to see what content exists, what needs updating or removing and what new things we need to develop. From text and content to images and icons.
  3. In the next phase, we develop a design that you'll love. We take your design cues and create something that represents your business perfectly.
  4. Once you've signed off on the design, we create your sitemap inside Dropbox to allow you to post in images and content and for us to allow you to review the content before it gets used.
  5. Finally the site is ready to be reviewed and then set live. Once you've verified that the site is ready to go - we put it live onto the web.

As a web design agency Newmarket, we're great believers in following a successful formula and design process. Our system has proven to get the results our clients are seeking time and time again. You may wonder why that is. It's quite simple really. It's a process of making the visitor journey as seamless as possible. The biggest mistake most businesses make when it comes to web sites is that it's a linear process. A bit like designing a catalogue. When it's finished it's done. That couldn't be further from the truth.

The fact is that it really is just the beginning of the process. Continually adding content and updating what you already have is key. In fact, this very page has already been updated over 12 times since it was created a few months ago in the quest for making it perfect and getting found using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Iteratively changing and improving your page is highly recommended - by using our development services, you'll be getting the opportunity to do just that. If you're looking to get more eyeballs to your website then consider a pay per click campaign, we can help with that too. PPC is a faster way to get to page one - but you do have to pay for it every time the Ad is clicked.

Search engine optimisation takes a lot of effort to get the page ranked, but it then costs nothing each time the link is clicked.

If you're finding the prospect of getting the right web development London - then pick up the phone and talk to us. We're here to give you guidance and time to ensure you make the right choice on the journey you are on - using the latest technology and thinking.

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Most businesses use their website as a glorified brochure. but a web site can be so much more.

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How much do our services cost?

We offer a completely bespoke website development service, as well as produce Wordpress sites for those who are looking for their first proper website for their business. Prices start from only £600 - which means to work with us is within most business' reach.

There's some examples of our costings in the below pricing table, but please get in touch for custom quotations tailored to your project needs.

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It is not a quick process, but it is a solid way of getting more site visits, once your site is ranking for the right terms.

There are so many other things we can so - like user experience recording and heatmapping to ensure that your website is set up optimally, that you would end up wiht an awesome site that generated leads and sales.

If you’ve got an idea that you need bringing to life - fill in our contact form and let's start talking. We’d be only too glad to help.

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