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What We Do

Your local web design agency that has your strategy at the heart of what we do

Today, we all know that having a website is essential to develop your business. In fact, the creation of a professional website has many more advantages, it allows you to be more visible and target a new broader audience.

Are you looking for a bespoke, responsive and optimised website design for your customers? Trust us with the creation of your website design in Cambridge. After all, it is the digital showcase of your organisation.

The know-how within our digital agency by our team of web designers will ensure a professional follow-up of your web project. Whether it is a simple calling card site or an e-Commerce site with hundreds of items.

Disappointed In Underperformance?

Looking for a digital marketing specialists, specialising in website development and graphic design. Put simply, we make a clients online presence deliver more? Looks like you just found one. Flok specialises in the development of a modern and efficient solution that matches expectations. with efficient management for clients. We have the experience to guarantee you success!

We do not deliver just another online presence, but rather platforms for generating inbound leads using SEO, optimised for search engine referencing. Imagine a website design that is more than just an online brochure.

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How We Do It

Steps involved in Web Design and Development

As a web design agency in Cambridge UK, we are great believers in following a successful formula and process. Our 21 stage system has proven to drive the results that our clients seek.

How do we do it? By making the visitor’s journey as pleasant and simple as possible. The biggest mistake most professional businesses make when it comes to web design is to think of it as a linear process.


Flok helps you define your new website in agreement with:

  • Your visual brief
  • Your industry positioning
  • Your company objectives and goals

Mock-ups of your site will be presented to you. The objective is to correspond to your values and to bring a strong and creative website theme that achieves results.


Once the mock-ups and website design are approved, our team takes charge of the development of your website:

  • Deployment of a technical solution on UK based web servers
  • SEO friendly web design
  • Front and back end development of your digital presence

Getting YOUR PROECT Online

Flok provides training in the handling of your internal site. No matter what approach you choose, you will always be able to update the content of your website. You will be able to track your website user experience in terms of:

  • Sessions
  • Average time spent on the site
  • Conversion rate

Flok - THE Award Winning WEB Team

Our team puts its expertise and creativity at your service for the realization of a perfect website, in your image. Among other things, we can help you define your visual identity and online presence if you don't have one, or if you wish to update it to the current trends.


The first thing that your potential customers see is your website. As a result, your website will go a long way to making the perfect first impression. A bespoke website has the advantage of being unique, and provide your site with all the features it needs to convert the targeted audience. As a web design agency in Cambridge, Flok go the extra mile.


The Flok team will help differentiate your site from your competitors web design. The system that our development uses offers the possibility to install many modules to meet your specific needs. It builds upon a generic design and customizes the website to an impressive look according to your company.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

A responsive site allows for a better user experience for those who wish to surf your website from their mobile device. Adjustments can be made according to the complexity of your content and the nature of the services you wish to provide.


Stand out from the competition with a high quality e-commerce site. You must guarantee your customers both ease of use and secure payments. Your website must offer them a unique experience throughout fully personalized customer journey. In order to achieve this, our team sets up numerous statistics so that you can manage the product catalogue. We integrate primarily with WooCommerce, as we've historically found it to be the most robust and accomodating.

Immersive Effects

Virtual reality is the ultimate tool to successfully deliver your message. Thanks to our digital immersion, you can reach your audience more directly. Online videos and interactive media are becoming increasingly popular as the patience rate globally decreases. Flok will share with you its expertise to make the most out of it and bring your organisation to another level.


Website security is our priority. Many hackers are interested in a website to send a mass of spam, distribute illegal files, or even to extract bitcoin. In addition to updating all software, it is crucial for a website to use security plugins and ensure maximum security. The use of HTTPS is highly recommended for an e-commerce site, or a site dealing with confidential and private customer information.

how does your business use its website?
Most businesses use their website as a glorified brochure. but a web site can be so much more.

Our pricing

Cambridge Web Design: Price Points

The most complex part of the web in Cambridgeshire lies in the transformation of a classic site into a professional digital tool. All prices are cost-effective and we assure you a positive ROI.

 Unlike other web designers, we are 100% transparent in our pricing. Prices start from £750. Check out our pricing table below to achieve a better idea. Remember - the promotion of a new site doesn't end at the launch. It is important to consider how you're going to harness your new salesperson and get it to work for you. We can plan with you ideas that will involve PPC (Pay per click) and SEO (search engine optimisation) that will make your site seen.

 We use our systems to tailor custom quotations that best suit your needs. Whether it's a site to showcase and support your business or an ecommerce virtual shop, if you're looking for a web design company in Cambridge, reach out to us for a quote for your next web venture!


To assess which below option would be best suited to you, try using our website configurator on the link below:
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How Is Your Site Performing?

Free Website Audit

Flok always starts with a thorough analysis of your current online work through an audit using our systems. By understanding and analysing your business processes, we can identify opportunities and gaps in your online operations and recommend concrete and effective digital solutions that address the identified issues.


To better define your objectives and achieve results, we are interested in:

  • Your starting point
  • Your goals and needs
  • Your targeted audience

We're always available to discuss your vision and make an initial budget estimate without obligation.

Do you have a specific idea in mind on how your future website will work? Or do you need to be guided by professionals web developers here at Flok? Whatever your situation from information to ecommerce, as your digital agency, we are here to help you. Simply fill in our form to get in touch. Let’s get to work.

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