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Barking and Dagenham Search Engine Optimization Specialists

Giving a clear route to getting your London business found for the right reasons. We offer Barking and Dagenham SEO services as part of your digital marketing strategy and help to  find ways of reaching their audience from start to finish. 

For example: search engine optimisation, Barking and Dagenham companies can make great strides in their visibility by getting a good website found for the right search terms and that showcase their products and services would be a highly recommended course of action to attract the right people to your website.

A great web design only goes so far when it comes to acquiring customers. The key is organic SEO, and a combination of great content marketing, strategic link building and ensuring that your site is referenced by some high quality sources and of course social media.

As your Barking and Dagenham SEO consultant, Flok can work with you on a strategy that will get more traffic to your website found for the search results that stand the best chance of getting the action taken that will net you the returns you desire.

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Barking and Dagenham SEO Agency

From Google My Business through to on page and off page search engine optimisation, we can increase your conversion rate by getting your business found for the right reasons. Our SEO service is simple and is competitively priced.

As many people are aware, Google search is the ultimate place to get found. In fact, Google operates at over 95% when it comes to choosing a web search engine. 

Many people use it as a way of reaching out. As a search engine optimisation SEO consultant, we work with you to get the competitive edge over your competition. Looking for immediate results? 

We are here to offer impartial advice. For example, if you are seeking quicker results, as a marketing consultancy, we may suggest a PPC campaign after a website audit. However, there could also be many other activities that return you a far better return on your investment.

Search engine optimisation, search engine optimisation is always considered by many local businesses as a dark art. If you’re seeking an SEO agency, Cambridge based Flok are the people to talk to. 

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Why is it so important that your business considers SEO as a great way of getting more enquiries to your website?
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The process of running SEO campaigns is fairly simple to kick things off:

Firstly, we make sure we understand what it is you are looking to achieve

We look at competitors websites and check how they are ranking by checking their search engine results, and maybe suggest some alternative phrases that could work better for you.

Then we look to see if you have pages on your website that match the phrases you are seeking to rank by.

If not, we create these with you, ensuring that the content is easy to understand and digest.