Building the Elk Social Brand

From a zero follower start, we managed to get our client nearly 800 LIKES to the page with over 20 five star reviews!


We had known about the new shop for several months and were asked to keep it under wraps by the owners. Over time, the logo and brand were supplied and we got to work on creating the website. We wanted to make the website a funky, interesting place to be – with the opportunity to blog and engage interested visitors. We also visited the shop nearing completion and took a suite of photographs of the shop and products. Once we’d finished, we were asked if we could “kick start” the social media campaign. We worked with the company to install a wi-fi solution that encourages social media interaction. We also approach community pages to encourage and spark interest.

One word – “WOW!”

Our campaign saw a fantastic engagement from the local community. From a zero follower start, we managed to get our client nearly 800 LIKEs to the page with over 20 five star reviews! Our clients were overjoyed when we handed over the accounts and we look forward to seeing how they take Elk forwards online.

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