Camcabs mission is to provide a reliable and friendly taxi service to the community using state-of-the-art technology to ensure smooth and smart travel, with the emphasis on safety for all. Business Link experts have applauded Camcab's "refreshing and unique approach".


With Camcab's existing website in need of updating, we created a new online brand identity and designed a bespoke theme for Wordpress to position Camcab with a unique look and feel, including visiting the guys to get some rich and unique photography to use. The new website needed to integrate with the companys booking system and work quickly accross all devices so we ensured to strip back and build the site functionally. The naviagtion ensures the users journey through the site is quick and easy, getting them the information they require fast.

We delivered a fantastic looking articile driven site, created a new online presence that represents the well established Camcab name as it should, helping them to be instantly recognisable.



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we are so proud to have a website that looks so ‘us’, it genetics have really captured everything we wanted! we are certainly looking forward to using it, it's a great shopfront to our business. you are stars (and clever, creative ones at that)!

marius buruiana operations manager

iPad Camcab

iPad Camcab2

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