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Bringing highly acclaimed products for over 30 years

XCS Designs comprises a dedicated and forward-thinking team of design, development, and production engineers who have worked together for well over 30 years.

Thye have been responsible for bringing a great number of well-known and highly acclaimed products to the marketplace.

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the brief

An upgrade for XCS Designs

XCS Designs approached Flok as their previous website was designed on a CMS system that made it hard to update the website and was slowing it down. We suggested that rebuilding the website in WordPress would improve the functionality of the website as well as help speed it up. The company wanted to keep the same look as their previous website, but just improve a few things here and there. As well as this, the company wanted to improve the look of their online shop to showcase their products in the best way possible.

the essentials

No matter what device you view XCS Designs on, you'll get the same seamless experience with no loss of functionality or content.

the solution

Easy & Functional

Using the power of WordPress, we were able to recreate the XCS Design website and improve the user experience. Whilst we stuck close to their original look, we modernised important parts and made pages much easier to view across different devices. The shop was also given a whole new look to replicate what was on their website. The design is now seamless throughout the website, no matter what page you click on.

easy to update

Being an eCommerce website, we were aware that products would need to be updated and changed on a regular basis. Flok chose to use an easy system where products are displayed clearly and are easy to change in just a few steps.

the result

The Final result

The new website allows XCS Designs to showcase their work and products in the best and easiest way. No longer is it difficult to use across other devices and is quick and reliable whenever you need it - our clients are very satisfied!

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