It's only took us 18 months.

Our new site is finally live - it's safe to say we had fallen victim of our own success when it came to the It Genetics website, but we've got there.

Since the launch of our last site 5 years ago we've evolved (rather than changed) as a company and we needed a new site to promote that and take us into 2016.. 2017.. 2018 (it's been a while coming). When we first looked at who we had become we realised the new site needed to promote our more streamlined approach to workflow and the projects we take on. With this approach we can offer a more focused service as an agency and take away the confusing array of services that at times blinds our clients. With that nailed it was just a matter of stripping everything else back and steamlining the design of the site, focusing on the great client work we've been fortunate to work on.


Why responsive?

It's a well known fact that mobile web usage has overtook that of the desktop - so this was a must from the start. Sometimes we work from mobile to desktop resolutions but in this instance we went from the top down. Inevitably on smaller resolutions certain features and detail needed to give way to the infomration the site offers but we didn't want to loose the aesthetics of the site so it was important we kept that in mind during the design phase.



It's been a while since we updated our work but we get a chance now o show off our work bigger and better than before. Check out some of our new case studies that we've not had the capacity to show before. 

what next?

If you have a brand that needs a refresh, or would simply like to start something new then, please get in touch.

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