New Site Launched for Green Wood Tree Surgery


We’re excited to announce the launch of a new site for the local tree surgery company, Green Wood. We’ve never worked with a tree surgeon before and jumped at the chance to work our magic on a new sector.

Green Wood Tree Surgery, based in Cambridgeshire, focus on both private and commercial work for the surrounding area. With an existing site letting them down, Green Wood’s online presence just wasn’t working for them, it was outdated visually and wasn’t penetrating the local search market.


We delivered a re-design and build whilst maintaining the existing brand (with an added bit of wow). Fully responsive, packed full of custom made icons – with a focus on outlining their services.

The new site has benefited from our expertise in bespoke web design to create a clean, intuitive interface and with the new projects feature it will allow Green Wood to grow their portfolio and offer something special.

Check out the new site Here.

St John’s Innovation Centre

St John’s Innovation Centre have built a reputation on their modern approach to office space, as they approached their 30th birthday, their existing website had seen them good – and it showed.

What was fresh and different then, had soon become dated ten years later. However, Flok wasn’t ready to let their unique brand slip away and so our brief was to retain their identity but bring it band up to date for 2017.


We started by adding more spice to the St John’s Innovation Centre brand by introducing pops of colour and complimentary modern typography – we were able to retain the trust that the company had built up over 30 years of business whilst bringing it up to date.

This approach was extended to the brand assets, we fully embraced their logo, taking simple shapes from it to create beautifully simple icons and illustrations. These sit alongside strong, lifestyle photography of the building and it’s surrondings to inject the company’s formal but approachable personality thoughout their brand. Anyone who visits St John’s Innovation Centre or meets the team will see a harmony between the expectations that the new website sets through the site, presentations, and marketing material and the reality of a face-to-face.

We continue to work with the team in making sure the website is maintained, as we develop an online portal for tenant maintenance.

St Johns Branding


We position ourselves as a team of designers and developers who are known for delivering brands and websites in style. As a design-led agency, we ensure that every stage of a project involves a level of design that other agencies fo not offer. Whether that’s the design of the site, the way the CMS works, or how the user interacts with the site.

Being focused on beautifully designed, functional sites we rely heavily on Joomla and WordPress to deliver them. Both flexible platforms, we can utilise the CMS to give the client full control of their content from navigation, to images, to pages, and text. This is done via the theme mostly and a few selected, high performing plugins.

St Johns News

The existing site was built on WordPress, and the team were keen to keep it this way, combined with our expertise, we were a perfect fit.

On the frontend side of the HTML and CSS for the St John’s Innovation Centre is written in a BEM (Block-Element-Modifier) style language, completely customised and unique to this site. All icons and graphics on the site are custom made – enhancing the unique online brand.


The existing site was full of great content, but with a complicated structure and page hierarchy, users were getting lost amoungst the sea of information and as the Centre continued to develop, the existing menu and copy was starting to underperform.

We worked with the St John’s team on a top-down approach, they took time considering what pages needed stripping back and combining to minimise content going unnoticed. The large paragraphs of text were broken down into manageable size chunks and signposted with visually appealing illustrations to draw the user’s attention.

Muliple landing pages were replaced in favour of higher performing ones, targeted within areas the Centre wanted to focus on.

Although St John’s Innovation Centre had informative content, the company had seen a huge change in the past several years, and so the personality of the text had to reflect this. Bolder, frsher, and punchier, the site asks questions and makes statements, offering a solution to the problems faced by typical clients.


As with the new site the goal is always to out perform the old. You can have a great looking new site but if it doesn’t perform then that investment has been wasted.

Love Newmarket & The Tour of Britain


The day Newmarket was in the eye of millions of TV viewers worldwide, as Stage 6 of the OVO Tour of Britain is live streamed on ITV4. This was a tremendous, one-off, opportunity for local businesses to seize the day and present their unique brands to a national and international audience of potential customers and visitors.

Local partners, including Forest Heath District and Suffolk County councils, have worked hard to secure the hosting of this racing stage against great competition, specifically so our community and local economy can benefit. We therefore urge local businesses to turn this investment to their own advantage and we invite you to check out the ideas in this guide and start preparing to make the most of this unique day.

Aided by Love Newmarket BID


We were tasked with creating a ‘Getting your Business Ready’ booklet for release a month before the event, this outlined key elements for the local businesses to consider and pointers in how to make sure they made the most of the opportunities the event would bring.

Love Newmarket Tour Booklet

The local businesses were also given a window sticker to show their support of the upcoming event.


On the final few days leading up to the event, Love Newmarket BID tasked us with creating a variety of window vinyls for the empty shops along the high street, as a last minute job these 6 vinyls were designed and printed in one day ready for application the following morning – a job well done.

Heath Court Hotel logo design

The ​Best Western Heath Court, a privately owned Hotel with 41 en-suite bedrooms, offers quiet, elegant and comfortable surroundings, making it the ideal venue for a memorable and enjoyable stay. The Hotel enjoys a prime location being just 300 yards from the Centre of Newmarket, and stands at the bottom of Newmarket’s Warren hill Gallops where horses can be seen training daily.

With a commitment to guest experience the Hotel has grown over the years, and recent refurbishments have only enhanced this.


Back in June this year we were approached by the Hotel as they wanted to refresh their brand.

Having undergone refurbishments of their Reception, Bar, Lounge and Restaurant the Hotel offers soothing palettes, contemporary bespoke furnishings and clean lines, with the guest experience at the heart of Heath Court, the new design now benefits from full air conditioning along with, comfortable seating areas and free WiFi throughout, offering seamless connectivity and reinventing Heath Court as the perfect venue for leisure and business guests alike.


The Hotel were enthusiastic to make sure the logo represented the owners jockey colours – blue and yellow, of which we pantone matched and they wanted to keep true to their traditional values.

Heath Court Hotel Reveresed Images

The new logo has been hugely successful, it was exactly what the Hotel wanted and has certainly given them a brand that stands out.